Molecular Immunopathology (MIP) Core

The overall goal of the proposed Molecular Immunopathology (MIP) Core is to provide space, facilities and specialized training for COBRE-CEIDR investigators in molecular immunopathology and to develop new assays and experimental approaches that will assist JIs and other NIH-targeted investigators to succesfully pursue their research projects.

The MIP Core is composed of the following existing Facilities and Units:

  1. The Pathology Service Laboratory of the Department of Pathobiological Sciences (PBS) currently provides routine anatomical, clinical and molecular pathology, the later including immunohistochemical approaches to detect pathogens and specialized cells. A specialized Unit wihin this Service Laboratory has been recently formed under the direction of Dr. Nobuko Wakamatsu (Board Certified Veterinary Pathologist). This unit will be an intimate part of the MIP Core and will serve as liason to other diagnostic and pathology services.
  2. The FACS Facility provides advanced cellular analysis capabilities for immuno-phenotyping andcell sorting, etc.
  3. The Microscopy Center provides, transmission and electron microscopy, confocal microscopy and laser capture microscopy.
The specific aims of the MIP Core are:
  1. Provide molecular immunopathological expertise to JIs to assist them in designing the best combination of technologies that can be used to address their research questions.
  2. Provide specialized equipment and skilled personnel for performing and analyzing data collected via MIP Core Facilities.
  3. Train JIs and their staff (research associates, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows) in the theory and use of technologies utilized in MIP Core Facilities.
  4. Develop new technologies and assays that can be used to characterize pathogen-host interactions in vitro and in experimental animal infections.

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