Vector-borne Diseases Research

The Department has several faculty that conduct research on a number of vector-borne pathogens. Opportunities exist for laboratory and field training in ecology, pathogenesis, and molecular biology of the most severe emerging and reemerging vector-borne diseases. A strong research emphasis on arthropod-borne pathogens includes tick-borne spotted fever group Rickettsia, Borrelia burgdorferi, and Ehrlichia spp.; flea-borne Bartonella and Rickettsia; and mosquito-borne filariasis and viruses (West Nile, Eastern Equine encephalitis, and St. Louis encephalitis). Within the Department of Pathobiological Sciences many of these pathogens are maintained in laboratory culture or in animal models for research studies. Additionally, the Department is strengthened by an established Geographical Information Systems group which provides another opportunity for research interests in vector biology.

CEIDR Faculty:

  1. Fang-Ting Liang, PhD Associate Professor (LSU-SVM Lyme disease
  2. Kevin Macaluso, PhD Associate Professor(LSU-SVM) Tick-borne rickettsial diseases
  3. Christopher Mores, PhD Associate Professor(LSU-SVM) Arboviral diseases.
  4. Alma Roy, PhD Assistant Professor; Associate Director of Louisiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, Epidemiology of West Nile virus.
  5. Juan José Martinez, PhD (LSU-SVM)
  6. John B. Malone, DVM, PhD Professor (LSU-SVM)
  7. Konstantin G. Kousoulas, PhD Professor (LSU-SVM)
  8. Thomas R. Klei. PhD Professor (LSU-SVM)
  9. James E. Miller, DVM, PhD Professor (LSU-SVM)
  10. Nobuko Wamatsu, DVM, PhD Associate professor (SVM)
  11. Mario T. Philipp, PhD Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at the Tulane School of Medicine and Chair of the Division of Bacteriology and Parasitology(TNPRC)
  12. Monica Embers, PhD Research Assistant Professor (TNPRC).
  13. Antonito Panganiban, PhD Professor (TNPRC)
  14. Chad Roy, PhD Professor (TNPRC)
Support of the NIH and NIGMS P20GM103458-10 and 8P20GM103424 is gratefully acknowledged.
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